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Mieran 12th February 2009 22:24

Can we have some n00b friendly instructions please?

I haven't got a clue what Toad is on about. :geek:

-Jason- 12th February 2009 22:24

Go on marketplace and download it as an extra

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:26

My xbox is not connected to the net and don't have live.

Change the rules please.

Scribbles 12th February 2009 22:26

It is 100% free as well a long with some others list is here.

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:34


Doesn't matter 197 downloading now.

Karl 12th February 2009 22:40

will bang on the sexbox in 20 mins and give you a couple of sprints if you like Peej?

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:40

Can do boss


Please note I am drink driving.

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:41


Originally Posted by Peejous (Post 2987041)

Doesn't matter 197 downloading now.

How do you transfer it to your sexbox?

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:42

Don't bother going on the link.

Just go on the market place on the xbox and browse for game add on's

its in there

Karl 12th February 2009 22:49

You can download content with silver (free) cant you?

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:50

I'm not connected to the net :(

Please choose a different car.

Peejous 12th February 2009 23:03

Karl fails!

Mieran 12th February 2009 23:05

I just had a go with a Lancia Delta and did a 10:46.100 damn thats crap!

VTRelite 12th February 2009 23:08

im actually going to go into town on saturday and buy forza just for this lol

dsh85 12th February 2009 23:26

hmm this tempts me but i remember the stress wrestling with sayer with top spot on gt4, until he blew me away by about 4 seconds. its gets quite stressfull trying to make up that point of a second on a 9ish minute lap

Peejous 12th February 2009 23:29


Originally Posted by Mieran (Post 2987155)
I just had a go with a Lancia Delta and did a 10:46.100 damn thats crap!

yeah it is me and Karl rocking sub 10's in a 197

Karl 12th February 2009 23:30

Results must be stationary start.

9.54 from a stationary start. (after penalty)
10.03 Peej (after Pen)

Karl 12th February 2009 23:45

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 9441

Soulless Kiss Kiss current leader?

Bog standard non-altered 197,
standing start,
no traction or stability.

9.53 y0

Mieran 12th February 2009 23:49

I can do that in a van.

Karl 12th February 2009 23:58

Clearly not, you managed 10.43 in a quicker car ;),

Peej just had 9.49 pic to come tomorrow!

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