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Mitchell 13th February 2009 18:14

ive just bought it on the way home from work lol

i'll have you all on my first go.

Penn 13th February 2009 18:57

I'm sure we did this challenge a while ago? Might have to give this one a go.

stinkycheese 13th February 2009 19:38

ill be live tomorrow....

thunter18 13th February 2009 20:00

mine on a rolling start
nuthing on.

MJRallying 13th February 2009 21:17

Karl 13th February 2009 21:18

Jesus christ man, nice time.

thunter18 13th February 2009 21:19

dam it

Penn 13th February 2009 21:28

dannyboycov1991 13th February 2009 21:44

back in 20 mins, gonna show you all up :D

make it 30 as the cars shit

-Jason- 13th February 2009 22:31

Just doing money glitch and will be online then ;)

30 million here I come :P

Rob-6 13th February 2009 22:38

my effort

dannyboycov1991 13th February 2009 22:54

right well i cant seem to upload the pics, but i swear im not lying,

LAP 1: 9:17:905 (with the crappy tiny rolling)

LAP 2: 9:12:524 (quite impressed)

Toad 14th February 2009 00:01

Good work fellas. :y:

Mark - Blinder! :panic:

Toad 14th February 2009 00:02


Originally Posted by Peejous (Post 2988231)
So you do it on the free run option?

How are you tuning your car, nothing is modified so you cant do anything other than tyre pressure?

You can modify your car Peej, I said this in the rules. However, you cannot exceed the D class 397 rating.

I still haven't had a chance for a proper run! (turn on xbox finally)

Toad 14th February 2009 01:22

Had a few laps and could only manage:

Some tweaking is defo on the cards... :D

TU-Tuning 14th February 2009 01:27

Get rid of the spoiler tbh. I find theyre not worth the extra drag, you can nearly always make up for it by tweaking everything else. Epecially as its a fwd. The ratings system is useless anyway. Id love to see them proove how a LSD makes handling and acceleration worse...

Penn 14th February 2009 12:11

Bah, 2 and a bit second penalty plus the time lost from the spin out:

Penn 14th February 2009 12:33

VTRelite 14th February 2009 19:07

well just traded in fable 2 to get this so will have a crack when i get home :D:D

Toad 14th February 2009 20:52

Good work Penn!!!

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