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Toad 12th February 2009 10:15

Clio Challenge - Current leader: Mark205T45, 9:02!
Hi chaps.

I love the way the standard Clio 197 drives around the 'ring in Forza 2. Does anyone fancy starting another one of those best lap time thingies? Completely standard setup...

Karl 12th February 2009 13:25

Could do mate, set a time and ill see if I can crack it.

Screenshots needed though!

KamRacing 12th February 2009 14:14

sounds like a good challenge! How about with all driver aids off??

TU-Tuning 12th February 2009 14:21

Wish I had live :(. Always mashing up Forza, always with all aids off, its the only way :cool:.

Should all do a lap in the Lingfelter with all aids off, that will seperate the men from the boys haha

Toad 12th February 2009 14:43


Originally Posted by KamRacing (Post 2985173)
sounds like a good challenge! How about with all driver aids off??

Is there a way this can be proven? Trying to stop any cheating, hehe.

Scribbles 12th February 2009 14:48

Need ABS, brakes are either on or off with me.

TU-Tuning 12th February 2009 14:50


Originally Posted by Toad (Post 2985297)
Is there a way this can be proven? Trying to stop any cheating, hehe.

You can force everything at the begginning of a race, including all the settings and the car

Peejous 12th February 2009 14:52

Might steal my bro's Forza just for a crack at this.

Ferg 12th February 2009 15:08

Christ I need to buy Forza ...

Toad 12th February 2009 15:45

When taking a photo, is there a way that you can prove:

a) the car is standard
b) all assists are off
c) the time taken...

Peejous 12th February 2009 15:50


Originally Posted by Toad (Post 2985562)
When taking a photo, is there a way that you can prove:

a) the car is standard
b) all assists are off
c) the time taken...

Isn't there a specs page?

Ferg 12th February 2009 15:52

So jealous right now ...

Karl 12th February 2009 17:16

Ferg its like a tenner tops.
The car will show which class and its "Spec rating" figure.

Imo, no traction control, or stability control but ABS is allowed?

How about that?

I trust noone will cheat as it's just faggoty on a Saxo site lol.

Toad 12th February 2009 17:59

If there's a chance to cheap, people will do it. I'm loading the game now to see how this might work.

Toad 12th February 2009 18:25

Right then, after some testing, here are the rules.

a) My thread, my rules. The rules set in place are open to discussion and if enjoyment and competition can be increased by adjusting these rules, then the rules may change, but only by myself.

b) The Clio 197 in its standard state is a class D with a rating of 397. This rating must be kept to for your lap time to count.

c) Certain modifications will not bare an impact on this rating. Such modifications as driveshafts, flywheels, clutches, brakes, etc. However, upgrading too many of these items will alter the rating. Bare in mind that some changes actually lower the rating! Such as an LSD... It will be impossible to police this, so feel free to modify your Clio 197 in any manner you choose, as long as its rating is no higher than D 397.

d) Driving aids can also not be policed, therefore, you may use any driving aid you wish.

e) A photo as evidence must be taken (while pausing the game during a session) which will show your current car, its rating and your best lap time. The track is NOT displayed, so you must find a suitable area to pause the game where it's obvious by sight that the track is the 'ring. Do NOT post a best lap time without attatching a photo of evidence along side it.

f) Best lap times will only count by carrying out a Test Drive.

Hopefully I haven't missed anything. Gentlemen, start your engines! :panic:

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:11

I cant find the 197

Scribbles 12th February 2009 22:17

^^Think it was a free download.

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:17

Seriously this car is not on the game.

Unlocked Renault cars 1of1

Clio V6

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:21

From where?

Link me up.

Scribbles 12th February 2009 22:23

Xbox Live Marketplace should be on there.

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:24

Can we have some n00b friendly instructions please?

I haven't got a clue what Toad is on about. :geek:

-Jason- 12th February 2009 22:24

Go on marketplace and download it as an extra

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:26

My xbox is not connected to the net and don't have live.

Change the rules please.

Scribbles 12th February 2009 22:26

It is 100% free as well a long with some others list is here.

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:34


Doesn't matter 197 downloading now.

Karl 12th February 2009 22:40

will bang on the sexbox in 20 mins and give you a couple of sprints if you like Peej?

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:40

Can do boss


Please note I am drink driving.

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:41


Originally Posted by Peejous (Post 2987041)

Doesn't matter 197 downloading now.

How do you transfer it to your sexbox?

Peejous 12th February 2009 22:42

Don't bother going on the link.

Just go on the market place on the xbox and browse for game add on's

its in there

Karl 12th February 2009 22:49

You can download content with silver (free) cant you?

Mieran 12th February 2009 22:50

I'm not connected to the net :(

Please choose a different car.

Peejous 12th February 2009 23:03

Karl fails!

Mieran 12th February 2009 23:05

I just had a go with a Lancia Delta and did a 10:46.100 damn thats crap!

VTRelite 12th February 2009 23:08

im actually going to go into town on saturday and buy forza just for this lol

dsh85 12th February 2009 23:26

hmm this tempts me but i remember the stress wrestling with sayer with top spot on gt4, until he blew me away by about 4 seconds. its gets quite stressfull trying to make up that point of a second on a 9ish minute lap

Peejous 12th February 2009 23:29


Originally Posted by Mieran (Post 2987155)
I just had a go with a Lancia Delta and did a 10:46.100 damn thats crap!

yeah it is me and Karl rocking sub 10's in a 197

Karl 12th February 2009 23:30

Results must be stationary start.

9.54 from a stationary start. (after penalty)
10.03 Peej (after Pen)

Karl 12th February 2009 23:45

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 9441

Soulless Kiss Kiss current leader?

Bog standard non-altered 197,
standing start,
no traction or stability.

9.53 y0

Mieran 12th February 2009 23:49

I can do that in a van.

Karl 12th February 2009 23:58

Clearly not, you managed 10.43 in a quicker car ;),

Peej just had 9.49 pic to come tomorrow!

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