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Monkgti 18th January 2013 01:12

Contact Info For BAB!!
Well lads, does anyone have any contact infor for the user "BAB"? the gearbox i bought from him was fu*ked, it cost me 140 delivered from him but i agreed with him that i would accept 80 refund, (which i thought was more than fair seeing as i had to pay for fitting and removing 2 boxes and buying another box as my car was undrivable), if i didnt bother sending the box back as the price of postage would cancel out the extra for the full refund. First he said he would send me another box but as this didnt happen and i had to have the box he sent removed and another bought and fitted i just asked for the refund instead, i opened a dispute with paypal but he assured me if i dropped this he would be able to send me the money so i stupidly dropped it and since i did he hasnt replied to any of my messages and doesnt seem to have been online either and he was on it every day up to then.... :wall:

mlawlan69 18th January 2013 01:21

Never drop the case or paypal wont help you, thats why he got you to drop the caee, your pretty muxh fucked now short of going round thwre and sorting it out face to face

blackie_2k5 18th January 2013 01:23

#fool :y:

Bedford126 18th January 2013 01:27

Can you get his address from paypal?

Monkgti 18th January 2013 02:05

well i didnt drop it intentionally, its just that paypal said to return the box and give them the tracking number, but i mailed them and told them that the seller agreed to send 80 and i keep the box and the said not to drop the case until he payed so i didnt, but because i didnt put in the tracking number on the case it closed automatically!!

And yep i have his exact address that paypal mailed me..

LSOfreak 18th January 2013 02:10

so he sent you a fucked gearbox and you didnt get a full refund??

ive never heard of BAB. No surprise when some people get scammed dealing with members who are probably new

mlawlan69 18th January 2013 02:11

Wheres he from?

Monkgti 18th January 2013 02:16

well he was the only person with a box for sale at the time that replied to me and i was in desperate need of one!!

the address paypal gave me was neville avenue thornton cleveleys..

this is his profile

manta 18th January 2013 02:19

oh dear

Treat him like gareth and go to his gates.

Preferably in a ford capri, get a perm as well.

Bedford126 18th January 2013 02:21

This is why I will never buy from any one with less than 1k posts or if they have ever been in the scammer's section.

Send him a nicely worded letter by recorded post explaining you know where he lives the amount owed and if not you will get the police involved.

Monkgti 18th January 2013 02:22

oh i would...... except im a bit far away, in Ireland :cry:

Monkgti 18th January 2013 02:26

i wouldnt be surprised if hes re registered here under a different name as his own profile hasnt been signed in 2 weeks and he used be on the whole time!! has anyone else bought anything from him as he had a good few things for sale on the thread??

I actually though since he was a member on the site he would be ok.. ive bought hundreds of things now between sites and ebay and this is the only time ive had trouble!

Sam 18th January 2013 03:02

Probably worth PM'ing a Mod to get this moved to the Scammers section.

Gandi699 18th January 2013 09:06

so he paid a tenner to sell stuff and made one hundred odd quid on some old tat? seems like a good return
As said, stick to uses who people "know"

0rang3peel 18th January 2013 10:06

I also thought this guy seemed a litte bit dodgy, he always had something somebody would need

baker556 18th January 2013 10:34

His mobile number 07445316565


In all fairness i think he genuine, you should have asked for a full refund and not dropped the case. He provides lots of pictures to prove what hes selling. Lots of feedback on eBay (464) 97% positive.

Monkgti 18th January 2013 15:56

well i didnt want to say he was a scammer or anything because he assured me he would refund me and i was giving him the benefit of the doubt, i thought i was being more than fair telling him he could just refund me 80 instead of the full 140 but like its near 2 months now since he said hed refund me and still nothing, when i was buying the box i sent him payment straight away! As i say, ive bought hundreds of items from sites and ebay and this is the very first problem ive encountered :(

Ross 18th January 2013 16:31

I'm going to move this into the suspected scammer section so it's more prominent. It is worth emailing him, and maybe dropping him a text message, telling him about this thread.

Monkgti 22nd January 2013 13:26

After texting him 3 times and told him about this thread aswell, still no reply!

Saxovch22 23rd January 2013 00:52

i bought a dimma grille off him, nothing arrived after a week or so ,so messaged him and he said it got lost or something but would send out another one he had.

that grille turned up a few days later no problem :)

seemed like a decent guy

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