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wullvfr 17th February 2015 18:39

Road cycling
Anyone do this?

I've just started,been out 3 times now and I'm quite enjoying it, I'm part of the "I hate cyclists" group but due to a knee problem from running I've been pestered in to doing it by my brother and I reckon its been a good move.

Its a totally different aspect of fitness in comparison to running,so far I'm having to get used to my arse aching and the part of my hand between my thumb and forefinger getting sore,but once that clears I can concentrate on just cracking on with the riding part.

sexysaxo_dan 17th February 2015 18:58

i do love cycling but i too am part of the i hate cyclists. i have no problem with them apart from the odd bell end on the road thinking theyre king of the road and as i live near the new forest and bovington area i hate all the bloody cycling comps on the country roads. just plain dangerous.

KamRacing 18th February 2015 09:09

you need decent padded shorts and decent gloves to put in the miles. Its a great way to explore the countryside you simply miss when driving.

wullvfr 23rd February 2015 09:21


Originally Posted by KamRacing (Post 6504981)
you need decent padded shorts and decent gloves to put in the miles. Its a great way to explore the countryside you simply miss when driving.

That's the first week done,and I'm loving it :fcuk: I thought I'd never say that but I'm responding well to the different type of fitness,I'm down from 13st 7lbs to 12st 13lbs in roughly 3 weeks.

I used my running Lycra for the first 5 ride outs and my arse was aching,I went for a longer run with my bro on Saturday there and he had a pair of proper cycling trousers for me and what a difference,I was fine until the last 5 miles but by that point I had ridden for two and a half times longer than before so I wasn't was proper aching at that time though.

I've went and bought a set of shoes,cleats and pedals though to help with transferring the power down and getting the right position each time,I've also got a heart rate monitor on order to keep track of that but other than that I'm all good.

I was considering changing the rear cassette but tbh there was some proper steep climbs and I did alright,at times I was having to stand up and cycle where as he was sitting down the whole time but that's the way it is when you've got an expensive bike,mines alright but being second hand and a bit older its clearly not as good.

Anyway hopefully I can keep at it,I'm away for a week with the family so I'll be in the gym cycling but as soon as I'm back I'll be back out.......there's a few inches of snow here today anyway so I wouldn't be out.

wullvfr 24th April 2015 04:34

Last weigh in I was at 12st 6lbs so even more progress. The original goal was to be at 12st 7lbs in time for this Etape Caledonia challenge that I'm cycling on the 10th of May but I'll be a bit lower than that,which is good.

My diet seems good,I'm currently tracking what I eat and I've started using a post workout recovery powder to help with my protein intake,I was struggling to take in enough.

L33h 10th May 2015 17:12

lycra wanker haha

wullvfr 15th May 2015 09:53


Its addictive man,just done the Etape Caledonia on Sunday there. Entered the trossachs ton 106 miler and there's a few more I'll be doing.

Down to 12st 1lb now,feeling much better,better at work and generally day to day life.

Bobby84dazzler 16th May 2015 08:57

It's great to get out on the road on the bike. Our Scottish weather does limit the data you get out unless you enjoy wearing fill waterproofs lol

wullvfr 3rd June 2015 21:36

87 mile sportive this Sunday and then a 106 mile sportive at the end of the month.

Sub 12st now,fucking loving this cycling malarkey :y:

wullvfr 20th December 2016 19:02

I thought I'd update this a little. I ended up taking this extremely serious. I sold the Yamaha R1 that I had an upgraded my alloy bike to a full carbon bike and generally tied to be the best that I could be on a push bike.

I decided to ride all year this year for charity and it's been a bit of a up & down year, plagued with illness and generally feeling shit at times.

My challenges were

12,000 miles in one year
24hr ride (as many miles)

The year started well and at one point I was looking like I'd manage 15,000 miles but it then went tits up, I've ended up on 10,001 miles for the year.

I failed on my EVERESTING attempt, I managed 122.9 miles with 22,790ft of climbing. I was on that hill for over 15hrs that day.

The 24hr ride never went to plan and I only managed 203.9 miles. I was hoping for 300 miles.

And Lejog never happened.

I was down to 11st 3lbs and as fit as fuck for a while, but I started putting a bit of weight on during the time of year when I struggled and after falling ill for the 2nd time in 3wks with sickness & diarrhoea I've shot up to 12st 8lbs.

So I'm currently setting myself up for the next stage of my cycling career :wacko:

The plan now is to get ridiculously fit and concentrate on just speed,fitness and all that jazz. I'll do some TT's,crits and anything else that keeps me trying like fuck. I've also got a UMCA cross country record to beat which is currently set @ 16 1/2hrs from the west of Skye to Peterhead.....roughly 255 miles or so.

I've just bought a direct drive smart turbo trainer so the winter program will be sorted. And the bike I'm using now is a silly light Cannondale super6 hi mod shod with eTap......

Time to get back down to 11st 3.....maybe sub 11st.

BUMMERS 20th December 2016 23:03

sub 11st?! How tall are you?

wullvfr 22nd December 2016 09:47


Originally Posted by BUMMERS (Post 6545378)
sub 11st?! How tall are you?

Roughly 5' 10/11"..... there about anyway, definitely just shy of 6" on a good day.

BUMMERS 23rd December 2016 11:45

Bloody hell, you must be built like a racing snake!

wullvfr 24th December 2016 14:53


Originally Posted by BUMMERS (Post 6545416)
Bloody hell, you must be built like a racing snake!

Haha not quite.

SelmaAdam 19th June 2021 08:54

10,001 miles is crazy too.I was targeting 10000 miles when the year started but I've reduced to half which I'll hopefully reach.

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