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J222JRA 10th March 2010 20:17

ASW-Ing Thread
Ok guys thought we would add this.........we all seem to spend alot of time Cleaning / Detailing our cars so lets have an ASW thread.

Post up your favourite pictures, Reflections or whatever :y:

James :y:

Kev_Vtec 10th March 2010 20:19

you start james ;)

Viper 10th March 2010 20:28

Nearly cried when I kerbed it :( but look how clean it is ;)

Kev_Vtec 10th March 2010 20:30

my bmw e39

ill see if i can find more photos

MrHouston 10th March 2010 20:39

Saxomatic 10th March 2010 20:40

Here you go :y:

J222JRA 10th March 2010 20:50

welshy23 10th March 2010 20:59


Originally Posted by J222JRA (Post 4198041)

its like a mauritious blue mirror!

Heres mine....

James106 10th March 2010 21:07

Lmao James is cleaning your car also your work out? liking the beater ;)

Best pics i have

Ignore the old wheels :homme:

Wayne 10th March 2010 21:21

Heres mine of my car:)

VTomR 10th March 2010 21:30

That roof is just amazing Wayne!

Wayne 10th March 2010 21:43


Originally Posted by VTomR (Post 4198292)
That roof is just amazing Wayne!

Thanks bud:) it is really amazing, even more special when you see it in person:y:

ad_182_uk 10th March 2010 22:02

Wayne 10th March 2010 22:05

Nice picture i took of your car adam;) car looks much much better since i machine polished/ corrected paintwork:y:

JAM 10th March 2010 22:13

My saxo before 197 :D

Jamie 10th March 2010 23:03

Old ST


G/fs dads Bentley

G.fs dads BMW

Ex work Colleagues BMW

Have more somewherez

Liam_ 10th March 2010 23:45

Probably the cleanest my paint has been to date... pics courtesy of mistah Viper. :y:

Viper 10th March 2010 23:55

i remember taking those pics.

theyre shit.

Not a fan of that lens lol

LSOfreak 11th March 2010 00:30


SaxoIOW 11th March 2010 00:44

Here is a few of mine:

Been lowered since the above photo!! Looks even higher than i though now im used to it lowered lol.

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