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DaCrazyOne 17th September 2013 01:49

Supporting different payment options.
Now I know some and some might not know of this payment but its picking up in a lot of places and I would sure like to see it as a paymentt option here for parts people sell and even an option for upgrading memberships.

I am referring to Bitcoin a crypto currency that is vastly growing and very useful.

I have been using it for many different things online for paying my bills to buying computer parts hosting and domain names.

Sure would like for saxo to start using and am sure as hell that many would use this too. I know I would be using it here and its got a great future ahead.

devilsadvocate 17th September 2013 13:21

Have you got a tin foil hat?

DaCrazyOne 17th September 2013 17:24


Originally Posted by devilsadvocate (Post 6369502)
Have you got a tin foil hat?

Nope and this is a serious suggestion as I use this for business use too so why not.

Yeah I have a tin foil hat I have one for each day of the week and I have one that's just for the weekends :mental::mental::mental::mental:

Ross 17th September 2013 23:20

Can't see us moving away from (or accommodating anything other than) PayPal to be honest. Practically everyone has it as is well understood and well supported.

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