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MOBIUS_VTR 27th July 2021 17:44

How long do the VTR engines go on for...?
My VTR is sitting at around 110k now...

What's a standard life expectancy of a VTR engine - how long I have got...!?:panic:

axsaxoman 12th August 2021 10:07

if no oil smoke or consumption -- and you change oil regularly --another 100k
time to change the belt

zetecmk2 29th November 2021 20:11

mine is on 200k, abused from cold and thrashed daily, in the last year i've just started to get plue puffs on over run. i've got a 16v in the shed to put in when it dies........the 16v has been waiting 4 years for it's fitment!!! the 8v leaks more oil than it burns.....but it's still embarrasing a few performance cars.....admittedly more through out breaking than speed!

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