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mekonja 15th May 2021 15:19

New camera
I want to immerse myself in the world of photography and buy myself a new camera. I have read a lot in the last few days and looked around, but I am a bit "overwhelmed" by the choice of cameras. So I would be very happy to receive your tips and recommendations!
The camera should be easy to use and have a viewfinder. Automatics for various photographs and maybe even filters should also be available. I will probably mainly take pictures of nature or houses while walking and simply capture beautiful objects for myself.
Can you recommend a camera that meets these criteria?

hitbox 18th May 2021 14:51

Hello mekonja
For a beginner, I would look at the Olympus E-M10 (you can also look at models I, II, or III), which offers everything a beginner needs, and which is really cheap to get used to. The E-M10 is currently my always-with-me camera, even on short walks and city trips. It takes some really good pictures!
It also would be nice to know how much are you willing to spend, so we can make some proper recommendations.

Manu 30th June 2021 13:08

LOL at the classic spammer thread.

Spammer 1 starts with question, spammer 2 registers 3 days later and provides link to Indian scam website

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