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george7378 2nd October 2021 09:35

Anyone used J&R driveshafts recently?
This company has the cheapest new driveshafts I can find, and they actually come recommended by someone I know who has them fitted to a 106 and years later hasn't had an issue.

However looking at their general feedback, there are plenty of people complaining about poor quality parts with shafts snapping or boots failing after only a few hundred miles!

Has anyone put them on a saxo recently and can comment?

karl_mh 3rd October 2021 09:03

I personally havenít had experience of the J&R shafts but I know 2 people that have 106 Gtiís and had issues within a couple of months and poor customer service afterwards, obviously their must be loads more out there that are fine.

Iíve just bought the spoox racing development (heavy duty) shafts with the updated 6 ball outer CV for £110 each but depending on what your doing with the car this option may not be the most cost effective.

george7378 4th October 2021 12:19

Yeah mine’s only a 1.1 and I wouldn’t need anything racing-spec, but it looks like GSF has some name-brand ones which are like £15 more per shaft, so might just go with them. Don’t fancy one breaking on me, since I need the car daily!

VeiRoN 4th October 2021 14:38

I bought two of them,driver side and passenger side,fitted at different times,both of them failed after 1 trackday open pit lane (Saxo VTS 166hp,ns2r tyres,standard gearbox),the bearings inside had massive play in them.

Bedford126 11th October 2021 20:46

9 out of 10 times brand new drive shafts fail because theyíre packed with shit cheap grease and not enough of it from the start. Iíve never fit a new drive shaft without fully packing the boot and rea sealing with a new clip

MartinObviously 13th October 2021 16:08

to contradict what's been mentioned.

I'm using 2 J&R driveshafts "for a 1.1" on my 16v engine, I've used it in sprints, came 1st in class and still haven't broken one. they've been on the car since 2017.

george7378 24th November 2021 15:26

Thanks for replies everyone, I think I'll go for a set from GSF instead, just to be sure. It's not too much pricier anyway.

When I search there, I get multiple results for shafts of different sizes (e.g. 650 or 627mm for the left, and 805 or 809mm for the right) - does anyone know how to tell which I need? This is for a 2002 car with 1.1 engine. Can send my reg as well if it helps.

Looking on Euro car parts, they only offer one option for each (627 for left and 809 for right) so maybe that's right?


welshpug 25th November 2021 11:34

look at the date range for the parts, you have early and late type wheel bearings and drive flanges, with appropriate cv joint differences, I don't recall the crossover point but a 2002 should be well into late type.

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