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cwathen 24th November 2021 19:04

Linkage Replacement
My 1.1's gear linkage has just broken (assume that's what it is anyway - can't select any gear, gearstick feels disconnected).

I've seen posts saying you can access the linkage by taking the air box off but a youtube video saying to jack the car up.

Does it actually need to be jacked up to replace the linkage rods? The car is 30 miles from home and I'll need to get back to it with public transport followed by a bit of a walk so can only really take basic tools to it.

If jacking up is needed will have to get it recovered.

welshpug 25th November 2021 11:38

with a 1.1 you should indeed be able to access them from above with the air box removed, taking the battery out also may help.

the linkage has probably just popped off one end from being worn, so you should be able to pop it back on and shift gears gently, some cobbling with cable ties to hold it in place may help also.

cwathen 27th November 2021 19:47

Thanks for the reply. It did pop it back on and I drove it home. It was a bit tense worrying if it would break again but it did hold. I thought I might be able to get away with sticking a wiper linkage repair clip type thing on to hold it together but the gearstick now sounds creaky and it doesn't feel right so decided to replace it.

New linkage ordered. If it needs jacking now it'll be fine since I've got it on my drive to work on although nice to know it should be doable from above as saves me having to risk driving it again to borrow some axle stands.

Are these a weak point on the saxo? I've had cars with way higher mileages than my sax and never had a linkage break on me before.

welshpug 8th December 2021 18:29

I wouldn't call it a 'weak' point, its just a place where things wear, they are cheap cars!

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