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furioAL 13th February 2007 23:06

How-To-Guide: Colour code and mesh a mk2 grill
Here is a quick guide to colour coding and meshing a mk2 grill:

We start off with a standard front end - looking rather boring:

So we remove the grill from the car, easy as pie, 7 torx head screws on the inside of the bonnet, unclip it, and remove... Then take off the compressing the clips on the back...

We are now ready to start cutting out the slats... i use'd a dremel tool to get rid of the majority of the slats...(make sure you wear eye protection)

You need to cut out nearly all of the backing but leaving the edge frame... you also need to leave to two tabs at the top on each side... as these house the mounting screws to reattach the grill to the car...

I then decided to neaten it all up by seperating the backing from the front... in order to do this you have to drill out the plastic rivets that hold on the backing...

I then smoothed down all exposed edges to make it nice and smooth..(beware it's a messy task)

It is then time to sand down the front of the grill and the chevrons ready for paint... I used 1200 grit paper...

3 Layers of grey primer was applied to the surface... allowing time for it to become touch dry and being gently sanded between layers...

After leaving it for 24hours for the primer to dry it was ready for the first layer of paint :y:

Make sure you allow the paint to dry before applying another coat, and the paint should be sanded between coats to avoid the orange skin effect...

Once three coats of paint have been applied, leave it to dry for 24hours and then it is ready for laquer...(make sure when using metallic paint that you apply Clear laquer...

I then prepared everything ready for the mesh

Then the mesh needs to be trimmed, leaving an overlap, you need to make sure that you don't cut off too much, remember you can trim more off but can't add anymore! You also need to trim out a whole so that you can still reach the bonnet release catch once the grill is fitted..

Once the mesh has been trimmed down accurately and fits the backing of the grill it is time to glue gun it in place...

Once the glue has set fit the backing back onto the front of the grill and glue gun the backing back on by regluing the plastic dowels... then refit the chevrons... IT IS NOW COMPLETE :y: and looking thoroughly sexy...

I will add pictures of it back on the car when it's daylight and not raining!

EDIT: Here are some pictures of it on the car, once all cleaned up :y:


After having the grill on my car for several months i noticed the top had started to become a little loose... so i removed it, put my standard grill back on... and set to work on sorting out the grill..

I would now like to recommend that a glue gun is not used... or if it is used is supplemented with a different glue... as it may work loose over time... especially if the surfaces were not 100% dust free when applying....

I used 5minute epoxy resin, that is essentially a VERY strong version of araldite... that works on anything from marble, concrete, metal and plastics...

I peeled off the glue gun on the top of the backing, and have epoxy resin'ed it back on, and i can safely say it's not going anywhere

If you have glue gunned yours, please keep an eye on it... as i would hate for yours to work loose....

Hope that helps you guys!

TU-Tuning 13th February 2007 23:13

Nice one mate, quality guide! Cant rep ya but would if i could looks well smart :y:

P.S you get my cheque?

saxo2tone 13th February 2007 23:23

great guide rep on its way been after this for ages i cant wait to do mine

Ma5on 13th February 2007 23:36

very gudddddd looks nice mate

furioAL 14th February 2007 01:12

Thanks for the positive comments guys! :y:

Originally Posted by Ben_Saxo (Post 932050)
P.S you get my cheque?

Yes buddy, will cash it in asap.... and will pm you when the backbox has been sent out :y:


S34MER 14th February 2007 06:50

Al thats a great thread, i see loads of people asking how to do this, if it was made a sticky, then that would help solve alot of these problems! top lad, i am another who cannot rep you lol, muxt have sent you some "green love" in the not so distant past! :y:

barrett 14th February 2007 08:40

Top write up, covers everything you need to know. I have added it to the FAQ sticky thread at the top of this section.


ChrisJ 14th February 2007 13:46

Great stuff Al, would rep you, but have to spread it around first.

P.S. Get some fitted pics. :y:

Jungle_Jim 14th February 2007 17:26

my bro is away back in london, but i went out and took some pics of the grill fitted for you all :y:

BENSAX3 14th February 2007 17:50

well done on a good job looks sex. rep coming your way, catch

BENSAX3 14th February 2007 17:51

well thats g*y i need to spread the love sorry

yerdusk 15th February 2007 09:56

nice guide, i shall be following ur advice this weekend! Hope it turns out as good as urs! cheers.

LeviSaxo 15th February 2007 13:29

quality guide mate! about time someone done one!


Steve 20th February 2007 16:36

top guide! :y:

Karl 5th March 2007 13:34

christ; that car is CLEAN!

I need to cut the slats out of my desire grille.

em_sexy106 5th March 2007 13:56

that car is also very gorgeous

mrorange2 5th March 2007 14:15

that looks mint might do that with my spare MK2 grill cheers buddy.

bez_vtr 5th March 2007 14:54

looks realy smart and clean lol you wash it before you took the picture

furioAL 5th March 2007 15:05

Just washed, detailed, claybar'd, dressed and poorboys polished :y:

Cheers for the positive comments guys :y:


MarkyG 5th March 2007 17:35

Thanks for the guide! very very handy, and nice and simple to follow! will be doing this to mine asap!

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