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JimoVTR 20th April 2008 17:24

Going Premium + Avatars and Signatures
I have seen too many threads being made about this.
So here, read this.

Premium Membership

You will notice after you have paid for premium you are still a non-premium member. DO NOT WORRY, this is automatic but happens as a timed event behind the scenes, and can sometimes take a few hours. There is occasionally a short delay from ordering your premium membership to it becoming activated. Chill ;)

Be patient, its worth the wait!

Avatars and Signatures

This one really does everyones head in.
There are two ways to get these.

1. Get 100 posts AND be registered for at least 30 days. DO NOT SPAM! Also be patient while this registers - again, it's automatic behind the scenes wizardry, but there is a slight delay.
2. Buy Premium Membership (see above)

Hopefully this will stop repeated threads.


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