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oz_borne 24th June 2006 21:45

Launch of Saxperience Regional Meets
Over the past few weeks, we have been gathering information about Premium Members who wish to take on the roles of Regional Meet Officials (RMOs) for different regions in the United Kingdom. I am sure that by now, the majority of you are aware of this fact.

These are the regions which we have identified....

After careful consideration we have decided to appoint 4 RMOs this weekend. These people will be responsible for organising Regional Meets (RMs) in their allocated Region.

Their role will be to provide a point of contact for anyone wishing to organise a meet in the region and answer any questions about meets already being organised. The few who have already been confirmed have assured me that they welcome EVERYBODY's input, so please remember that you are able to suggest a meet, no matter how small.

Currently we have 3 confirmed RMOs, these are as follows.

Leckie and hesslevtr

North West

We shall update this list as time goes on.

Why only 2 regions? I hear you ask.
Too much, too soon is a short and precise answer. We intend Saxperience's growth to continue over the coming years, and in order for us to provide you with a good, clear, simple and reliable form of communication we are beginning with areas which show the most interest.

We are still considering people for the position of Regional Meet Reporter(s) whose job will be to collate photos and write a summary of the meet's activities within a specific region.

It may be hours, days, weeks or even months before all of the regions go live, so for now we will focus our attention on Yorkshire and the North West regions.

How can I let the RMOs know that i'm from their region?

Well.......below is a screen dump of your User CP....something which you may or may not be familiar with.

I have included short actions which must be completed in order for you to join a specific region. Have a go.

As already stated, currently there will only be two regions which you can join. And i suggest if you are from neither, that you wait until the region where you reside for the majority of the time, goes live. Never fear, this will happen.

At this time, we ask you to join only one of the regions, and although we are fully aware of how some people attend meets in other regions, we still encourage you to attend such meets.

There will be a further update on this matter in time.

So for now, that is where we are.

As Regional Meet Co-ordinator, I will be overseeing the setup and election of RMOs however all of the Moderating team will always be kept updated, and are willing to answer any questions which you may have.

If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to pm myself or any of the moderating team, including our recently appointed RMOs!!!!!


Easty 24th June 2006 21:52

good work chaps !

b0t13 24th June 2006 21:55

very nice, ive just sent me request :P

James 24th June 2006 21:59

Applied, what happens if organisers start denying people into there region :omg:

oz_borne 24th June 2006 22:02

If their is a real reason for them denying then i will support, otherwise i will intervene.


Luke 24th June 2006 22:13

Looking good Adam.

Yates 24th June 2006 22:18

Well done Leckie and Paul, im sure you will do a great job, as you have with all the other regional meets you have organised

Can you be a member of 2 regions?

James 24th June 2006 22:19

Yea matt, pretty sure you can.

Luke 24th June 2006 22:26

Yeah meant to say well done to Leckie & Paul.

Simo 24th June 2006 22:27

At this time, please only request to join your primary regional group...

Until I limit some functions, joining more than one regional group will cause display issues :P

c8james 24th June 2006 22:39


Originally Posted by Westie
Yeah meant to say well done to Leckie & Paul.

here, here. no change from normal as they are always sorting some thing out. See you at blackpool.

Yates 24th June 2006 22:49

Ive applied for yorkshire and north east already lol

yorkshire is only over the field from me!

jaybiss 24th June 2006 23:41

congrats my bitches

sure you both will do an awesome job inbetween your love sessions

Robb 24th June 2006 23:46


Originally Posted by Simo
At this time, please only request to join your primary regional group...

Cracknells buggered then, he's goes to meets all across the country...


Luke 24th June 2006 23:48

Lol, quite like that one G_Ride.

hesslevtr 25th June 2006 01:07

thanks guys id just like to thank my mam and dad, my nanna, my brother, my goldfish, jay my mistress, yatesy my sex slave

seriously though we will have some good meets keep looking in yorkshire section for details

Luke 25th June 2006 01:09

Just a question about the meets, hopefully you can answer Paul.

This is how i look at the meets -

Can anyone within the Yorkshire area still organise a meet, but need to discuss with you? Is that correct?

Originally i thought only you or Leckie could organise one, but now i get the impression your there for advice, questions etc.

Graeme 25th June 2006 01:15

westie if you have ideas for a meet you can pass the idea on to the RMO's and they will then we will decide if its a suitble idea ect

hesslevtr 25th June 2006 01:15

if you have any ideas just give me or leckie a pm or email and we will discuss them

Baz 25th June 2006 01:23


Originally Posted by Simo
At this time, please only request to join your primary regional group...

Until I limit some functions, joining more than one regional group will cause display issues :P

woopsy! think i should of read the whole thread before i put in requests hehe

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