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frankie 1st March 2009 12:35

Frankie- 9/5/2011....long overdue update
Well after selling my old vtr for the sum of 700 (even though i had replaced everything on it)

i then went on a search for a rallye i found on locally, went to see it, liked it, put a deposit down...and arranged to collect a week later....then found out it had been sold, and the bloke had down a runner with my deposit...

after about a week, i found another rallye, asked the seller if he would deliver for extra dosh....he never turned up, luckily no money was exchanged...

gave up on the rallye and returned back to the saxamo...

found this bad-boi...

a fair bit of history
owned by an old bloke who had all work done at the haynes motor museum..
had every mot was done at around 5k spacing so hardly driven
body work is mint...

for the grand total of 1100, (was at 1200, but i asked him to knock off 80 and he knocked off 100 lol)

ordered 50mm apex kit from kam.
pair of strut braces
white vtr wheels
supersprint race system (hopefully modify it abit)
raceland manifold.
266mm brakes.

thinking about doing a mk2 conversion on it to...

ricksimmonds 1st March 2009 12:39

looks tidy mate, good buy there, plans sound good too!...mud flaps need to come off though! :homme:

Danr 1st March 2009 12:52

Looks like a clean example. Plans sound good. Not really worth doing the ph2 conversion though imo.

PSPDan 1st March 2009 12:54

Keep it mk1!! Your plans sound good as well :)

frankie 1st March 2009 17:12

i duno, not a fan of the mk1's tbh.

getting lowered this week so may change me mind.

raunchz 1st March 2009 17:32

looks a tidy car !!! MK1 FTW !

frankie 1st March 2009 17:35

cheers raunchz, also how much to you charge to do torsion bars? its the only thing im unable to do on saxo's :( lol

jdizzy 1st March 2009 17:47

looks tidy mate. tbh keep it mk1 imo :y:

raunchz 1st March 2009 17:49

Urm . . . . I'm not a big fan of doing torsion bars tbh - 99% of the bars I try and do are seized and the only real way to get them out in a reaonably quick way is to heat the surroundings up. As a result I tend not to be able to do them, as I don't keep a big torch in the boot of my car !

If you're willing to pay my petrol to come to yours from Bournemouth one weekend I'll give them my best shot - but can't guarantee it unfortunately.

You'll be able to do what I do yourself - just follow the suzuki tuning quide. Get a big hammer and give them a good hit whilst pulling on the other side. Might be cheaper/easier to drop your's off at a garage. Is just time really, a full day of hitting them hard etc. might see them out, or can drop the beam to make it easier.

PM me if you want me to give it a shot.

Danborambo 1st March 2009 17:50

MK1 ftw keep it as that style tbh, plans sound decent mate

Eskimo 1st March 2009 17:51

Good LUck with it.

raunchz 1st March 2009 17:56

how come you sold you old one for 700 - looked a baragin buy for someone !!

frankie 1st March 2009 22:35


Originally Posted by raunchz (Post 3044031)
how come you sold you old one for 700 - looked a baragin buy for someone !!

i know, it was on ebay with no reserve lol...

had done 102k mind

SaxoJamie 1st March 2009 22:43

mint :) low mileage for T reg. Keep it a MK1, Plans sound real good :y:

Mr_suv 1st March 2009 22:56

we are now the mk1 boys of the south west hahahaha pmsl!!! love it frankie!! looks ace you still puttin tha rallye stuff on her?

frankie 1st March 2009 23:03

yea, got a rallye ecu, looking for a rallye inlet.

shall be giving bluehawk a buzz in morning.

apex suspension has been ordered, hopefully get that on, wednesday.

going down the scrappy as im trying to find a mk2 interior loom

Mr_suv 1st March 2009 23:06

fair enough frankster you gonna bring her to fcs this year?

frankie 1st March 2009 23:08

more than likely suv.

whats djturbo chargeing for torsion bar's these days?

guna try and do it myself, if not get him to do it lol

Mr_suv 1st March 2009 23:11

still 45 and its guaren-dam-teed done he has some crazy tool for it if he takes you to his mates garage think its a air hammer! or somthing nuts youl have to pm him for his number on ssc as i dont got it any more:(

frankie 1st March 2009 23:14

we'll guna try it anyways.

see what happens, if not ill get his number.

can he still use this tool when the beams till on the car?

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