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Tammy_VTS 4th June 2011 22:03

RE : Member tisandy
Bought some parts from him on the 2nd and he promised me tracking info asap (all pm's are available for admins to read)

Since then not heard a word and tried pm'ing tonight asking for info while he was online making more posts (21.37) was the last i think.

Have now been approached by another saxp member who also feels he may have been ripped off by him as well.

Admins please look into this i am sure it might be a genuine mistake but am starting to get a bit worried about my 50 so have also filed a Paypal dispute and tisandy i would just like a refund now


AdamSaxo 4th June 2011 22:09

I also made a purchase on this day, of mk1 angel eyes
He said in the thread that they came off his vtr and the lights looked thin because of the angle of them

then today i found the exact same picture here

for a vectra, so they are obviously not right

There are also other members that have a problem with this seller, two people sending money for one item and the ad not being removed

I will give it a few days for a explanation and then start a paypal dispute

If tisandy reads this i would also like a refund


saxovtsmad 4th June 2011 22:10

i was looking at buying something off him but he had too many many posts going on sand thought he might be a scammer as he was selling loads of parts in different threads

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:12

Everything has been sent mate :S

Tracking information comming up soon to prove..

CarlosVT 4th June 2011 22:18

I hope he isn't scamming.. I bought a BMC induction kit from him and it was apparently posted yesterday.. if nothing turns up by Tuesday I'll open a paypal dispute.

sebo123 4th June 2011 22:19

you get tracking straight why taking two days to prove?

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:19

Ahh fgs.

Open ur disputes if it isnt there.


tisandy 4th June 2011 22:20

Cos I SENT 25 things off on Friday.

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:21

If you have a problem PM me because your ruining everything.

AdamSaxo 4th June 2011 22:21

ok, fair enough andy, if our stuff isnt here by wednesday we all start disputes ?

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:23

Yes mate. Every single on of you unless Ive already stated Thursday for bigger Items.


Tammy_VTS 4th June 2011 22:30

so can i have my tracking number then please ??

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:37

And mate.

Wrong section.

Post in the Scammer info section or I will ask a MOD to re-locate.


Tracking numbers PM'd.

Tammy_VTS 4th June 2011 22:39

no pm received here matey

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:40

Let me get it first mate. You allowed me 2 minutes.

Tammy_VTS 4th June 2011 22:47

my mistake i thought you said

Tracking numbers PM'd.
ah no i was right you did

Listen matey if you really have posted these items i will be the first to say i was wrong and apologise but just be straight with all of us !!!

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:48

I have posted them as you will see.

But as you have posted a dispute I want my item returned Next Day delivery from your OWN expense.

AdamSaxo 4th June 2011 22:49


Originally Posted by Tammy_VTS (Post 5354104)
my mistake i thought you said

ah no i was right you did

Listen matey if you really have posted these items i will be the first to say i was wrong and apologise but just be straight with all of us !!!


if i receive my item il send another 20 :)

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:50

I dont want your extra money mate..

I'm happy to give a full refund if your not happy.. thanks for the offer..

tisandy 4th June 2011 22:50

FOR NOW, jsut leave it and wait for your item.

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