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Batesy86 17th November 2018 19:22

Factory mk2 VTS interior options
Iím looking to put a track car back to standard but Iím wondering what seats and door cards were available for the VTS. Iím happy to source the parts from another model but if the vts has specific Iíd prefer that. Anyone help?


dturbo 17th November 2018 21:57

VTS interior was specific to that model. I've seen a couple of different patterns, but as far as I can tell this was variation between mk1 and mk2 cars, mk2 cars should be the purple and grey colour, this is a pic showing mine (which I just recently put in after removing tired 106 GTI seats):

Depending on year, they would be airbag seats or non airbag seats - mine should be non airbag, but the ones I could find were airbag type. Not sure of the exact crossover, but my car is a 2000 and the seats are out of a 2003.

Batesy86 17th November 2018 22:24

Thanks for the info pal! I’m guessing finding a a set is going to be pretty hard going though :(

Might have to get a Vtr set to tide me over...

dturbo 18th November 2018 09:04

Keep your eyes peeled, they do come up. I think I was a bit lucky timing wise to find mine when I did! Where are you based? I will keep a look out for you on ebay/gumtree etc.

Batesy86 18th November 2018 13:18

I’m based in Whitstable, kent. Appreciate the thought mate thank you.

saxokid100 5th March 2019 03:46

Im stil buying in vtr & vts for spare parts,if anything nice comes in lie pm you..

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