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tommy_g666 6th September 2010 13:15

Got some new ones...

C5 steel/alloy rim part no. 5401.L7 (without tyre) = 4.720kg x4
C5 wheel bolt part no. 5405.72 = 0.060grams x16
Berlingo centre cap part no. 5416.73 = 0.056grams x4

jonathon5 6th September 2010 17:22

do you have the weight for the boot with glass in ?

Great thread

tommy_g666 7th September 2010 05:48

not yet mate but when i get my fiberglass bonnet and boot i will update the list :)

tommy_g666 7th September 2010 15:23

Right got a set of gmc springs today and decided to weigh them :p

Gmc saxo 40mm springs = 1.924kg x2

tommy_g666 7th September 2010 15:36

I have updated the first post and put the weights into sections ;)

tommy_g666 12th October 2010 19:24

Removed the front sound deadning finally. :p

Front footwell sound deadening both sides (Stuck down) = 1.436kg

added to the list!

Paul 12th October 2010 19:34

Ahh dammit i forgot about this thread.

Just removed even more from mine but its in the scrap now.

Got rid of heater matrix, airbag ecu, and a few other bits n bobs.

tommy_g666 12th October 2010 19:41

Lol how much have you stripped so far paul?

More for the list ;)

Tow eye = 417grams
Cigeratte lighter = 25grams
Vts wheel bolt = 150grams x16
Pressed metal number plate = 187grams x2
Standard uk number plate = 209grams x2
Streamline carbon stereo blank = 15grams

Paul 12th October 2010 19:49

Quite a bit.

Got pulled over a few nights ago, copper had a look around the car.. came over laughing. So i gave him a funny look.. wondering what he was laughing so much at...

He goes "thats the quickest search i've done in 20 years"


Fish333 17th April 2012 23:06

excellent thread this, really shows the gains.

Ryanoo 20th June 2012 01:06

Anyone got the weight of standard rear seats/bench?

Gary2707 15th March 2013 23:49

Great thread matey very help full :y:

mr_sparkle 2nd July 2013 00:35

Does anyone know the weight of the engine/gearbox ?

MartinObviously 2nd July 2013 00:43


Originally Posted by mr_sparkle (Post 6337074)
Does anyone know the weight of the engine/gearbox ?

What engine?

the 1.6 16v is 90-100Kg.

The block on its own with pistons and crank is about 60Kg.

gearbox is about 25Kg dry.

Please use the search bar, for it is your friend :hug:

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