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its all well and good saying you want a solid car

however everyone prefers different things and what one person specs up saying is good you may not like at all and im not saying im an expert but this is all IMO

see how you drive the car and then build that suits you
its took me a very long time to find out how i like my car to handle and now i know this i can spend on the expensive bits for the chassis

i would genuniely go out and enjoy it standard and do small changes and see how they effect the car (yea im a hypocrite but i did it all in odd bits here and there somehow)

lots of the things that are often overlooked imo are some of the best

rear wishbone bushes are a major one

get the suspension actually working in the right directions rather than flapping about and itll keep the car stable under braking ect ect
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i passed over 5 years ago now. 3 points no crashes. I'm too good to crash...
oh really.....
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