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The short answer is no, it's not easy.

The easiest option is aftermarket ECU with a generic loom you can join to the standard sensors. Then take it to a tuner for a map. That's how I did my 106 16v conversion with Maxx ECU - except a mate an I were the tuner so I didn't have to take it anywhere.

If you want to use the 206 engine as is, then you still need to modify the mounts but you'll need ALL the 206 wiring fitted into the AX to make the throttle etc work correctly.

Assuming you have an AX with an ECU and fuel injection, the other way is this:

You need an upper engine mount cradle from a 106GTi/SaxoVTS/R or 1.5D and have that welded into the AX. You'll also need the mount for the engine from one of these cars.

Find an intake manifold from a 1.6 16v 106/Saxo as these are cable throttle. You need to drill and tap the head to make this fit OR you make an adapter plate for the cable throttle to bolt onto the 206 manifold.

Splice the AX loom to fit with the 1.6 16v sensors and then get a chip with a map suitable for a 1.6 16v.

Use your original gearbox and driveshafts with the new engine.
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