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Default Saxo/106 parts weight thread! To the gram! (Track boys look!!)

I will update the list as i strip more of mine. Hope this is of help to people. I stripped my car the other day and stripped 52.330kg's. The idea is to calculate what you've stripped from the list below and work out how much weight you have lost. It might also be helpfull for people posting parts for the cost via royal mail etc.


Gmc saxo 40mm springs = 1.924kg x2


C5 steel/alloy rim part no. 5401.L7 (without tyre) = 4.720kg x4
C5 wheel bolt part no. 5405.72 = 0.060grams x16
Berlingo centre cap part no. 5416.73 = 0.056grams x4
Vtr alloy wheel without tyre = 7.648kg
Vts wheel bolt = 150grams x16

Interior plastics/Hardware.

Front doorcard = 2.490kg x2
Parcel shelf = 2.500kg
A-pillar = 170grams x2
B-pillar = 96grams x2
Air vent on the rear quarter where the rear light plugs are = 56grams x2
Boot plastic panel = 1.050kg
Pre tensioner = 1.010kg
Heater motor = 1.450kg
Dashboard metal support bars = 1.200kg
Heater matrix air pipes = 600grams
Dashboard (bare) = 8.950kg
Rear quarter plastic with sound deadening and speaker = 1.940kg x2
Rear quarter panel (light grey) joins with the roof lining = 230grams x2
Rear plastic cover were the parcel shelf rests on = 322grams x2
Release mech for the rear seats = 200 x2
Vtr steering wheel with airbag = 2.306kg
Main carpet = 7.270kg
Roof liner setup (Sunroof version) = 3.243kg
Gear stick/window switch surround plastic = 519grams
Raceland show cage = 4.327kg
Cigeratte lighter = 25grams
Streamline carbon stereo blank = 15grams

Interior sound deadning.

Front footwell sound deadening both sides (Stuck down) = 1.436kg
Boot carpet and sound deadening = 3.030kg
Sound deadening under the dash = 5.000kg
Sound deadening (Fluffy) below main carpet = 1.363kg
Rear quarter sound deadening both sides (Stuck down) = 703 grams


Front 106 gti leather/alacantra seats with subframes/sliders = 15.280kg x2
Rear seat belt buckles = 646grams
Rear 106 gti leather/alacantra seats = 15.548kg
Rear seatbelt = 777grams x2


Amp wiring = 1.328kg
Fusion front door speakers = 1.060kg x2


Fog light = 531grams x2
Tow eye = 417grams
Pressed metal number plate = 187grams x2
Standard uk number plate = 209grams x2

Thanks Tommy.

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