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Originally Posted by josh11490 View Post
Ah fair enough! Can't wait for my insurance to drop down to that much! Haha

Yeah the Clio isn't too bad in fuel 28-32mpg mostly, but still fun when I want it to be and have t got the GTi out lol!
We've all been there matey I wouldn't worry... my first year was 1,500 and it pretty much bankrupt me - don't regret it though!

To be fair I only do a maximum of 3k in the 106 per year as it's away for ~6 months ago and last year I did ~700 miles down to Le Mans and back in a week so that brings the insurance down a bit. I do 300 miles a week in the daily though so again I'm lucky I don't have to pay for insurance on that... I do pay company car tax though tbf!
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