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Default Idle woes continue

-New TPS sorted the hesitation when applying throttle.
-New MAP (Genuine Bosch) has not fixed the idle. (have 3 used ones and its the same with them all.
-New Lambda connected OEM style thing, not a bosch or anything (2nd one is sleeved)
-Used coilpack (from mine, which worked before) installed

Unplugging the MAP when running, it idles fine.
Map plugged in, sounds like it is missing a bit, but only intermittently. Idle's sometimes Ok, but soon goes random. (never high revving though, just low wanting to cut out, back to normal then back low again).

Codes P0141 and P0170 are logged - which I believe will be because it's running rich. Which would point to the MAP.

Now noticed the water temp gauge doesn't move.
Unplugged the the top coolant sensor, light illuminates on the dash. Car then cuts out and struggles to start.

I've got an MT2500 tool coming, hopefully to read all the live data - as the ECU is giving next to no outputs on the china OBD.

Coolant Temp sensors maybe?!

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