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Lambda has made no difference.

I've unplugged both of them now, idling is still an issue. I can't quite tell if it is misfiring slightly or not, but it was from stone cold.

Disconnecting the map sensor, the idle speed increases and it stays steady.

Unplugged coolant temp sensor and it ran worse, so that seems to be ok.
Swapped about ICV's (have 3!) no difference.
Disconnected TPS and it runs worse.

Got the temperature gun out. Each exhaust header is running there or thereabouts the same temperature. The runners are different lengths before they reach the collector, so that will make a difference I'm sure. But left most cylinder was 220 degrees with the middle two about 240 and the shortest header on the far right was 230ish.

Can only think that it could either be the timing or the injectors.
The only thing I have touched would have been the timing. I took the belt off to do the cam ladders.
The exhaust cam is/was fully advanced, so I couldn't time it up 100%.

Looks like I'll look there next.
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