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Originally Posted by Shanukes View Post
i wish people would be more specific and be more helpful with their requests....i hate browsing round to find pictures of things they want to put on their "can you add standard mirrors to my car" or can you add vts alloys to my car" and they dont even put the picture themselves....
Originally Posted by jdmojojojo View Post

If you want something done atleast give us the tools to do the job (i.e ... the pictures so we don't spend time looking for them)

Bloody hate it though when people don't use the Thank button, doesn't matter if i've done the chop or not
Hence the purpose of this thread...

Not many offenders these days from what I see. Plus quite a few views of this thread so maybe the message is getting through.
Originally Posted by L20VTS
If that's a genuine member i'll take it up the arse!
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