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The previous build of this engine maybe ran about 100 miles, if that.
Yet the water circuit was full of rust. Like a very fine bright orange dusting everywhere. Water pump, galleries, thermostat. The coolant was probably 75% antifreeze as well.

It was very bizarre. If you've bothered to read this far, you may recall there was constantly air in the coolant after a spirited drive. Not sure if that was a contributory issue to the corrosion. Anyway, the engine and head have been pressurised and cleaned, so maybe what was once there, is not now.

In the throws of making a support bracket for the turbo. It was previously just hanging from the collector and I'm sure it will break soon. This might help prolong it a little. I've also added a brace on the downpipe to attach to the gearbox. Although you can't see anything on this photo.

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