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I wrapped the manifold and test fitted a turbo blanket.

Going to be running actuator pressure (8psi) for a few miles when the car is ready. So I've removed the MBC. Just to let the engine run in. Then, will switch to an EBC (already got it) when I want to creep up the boost back to it's heady power days of 270+ bhp.

The Turbo support bracket is also complete. It fits across where the mount point for the crankcase breather (bottom section) and dip-stick (bottom section) and then into the corner of the block, in a hole that was already there... but nothing ever went into!
The horizontal section mounts to the bottom two downpipe bolts and is welded to the support brace on the block. It is very rigid, so that is a concern, but it is taking some weight off the manifold, which has to a bonus.

Hopefully you can see it in the photo above.

The only issue with the bracket, is that when it came to fitting the crankcase breather (lower section), it is in the way. Luckily I've got another pipe - they must have changed the design. This has a different orientation, yet mounts to the same point. It doesn't meet the top section properly, but I'll just make an adapter. Should look OEM+.

Hoping to get the alternator fitted this week and then get the engine off the stand, to fit the loom, coolant pipes, clutch and gearbox.

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