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Originally Posted by Manu View Post
I wouldn't count on it. I watched a Grand Tour episode, and Hammond mentioned the saxo as one of his old favourite hatchbacks, then he pulled out the figures.

Less than 500 VTSs left, and the episode was from 2 years ago. Rust and crashes. I rarely see even a VTR these days.
True and I did watch that episode (big fan of The Grand Tour--watch every Friday S3 out now obvs). Tbf the story goes he got it stolen, as he lost touch with it when he had to go to military prison (long story) and he left it on a mates drive. So it's either been ragged and then stripped for parts or just burnt out in a field, lol! Tbf he did blow the engine up as well, lol!

Not many of either around today at all I agree. I was very lucky when I bought my VTR last year as it was rust free and unmodified--a minter/and with all stamps, service history, receipts. Apparently only 1.8k saxo vtrs around on the stats in 2018 and 270 VTSs around in 2018. You can check via this website ---> ...
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