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Default Hi all, been a long time....I have a weird one for you???

I have a Saxo 2002. The front washwipe works well. But the rear wipes, but when turning stalk to add water, it won't do water, but does make the front wipers wipe without water!!! Any ideas?
BEAR IN MIND (YOU ALL KNOW THIS...BUT ITS A COPY PASTE Q. FROM FIXYA)...the washwipe motor is a 2 way one that should do front and rear screens. Also, to operate front w/wipe is to pull stalk to myself. Rear is turn end of same stalk away from myself to wipe and even further to add water. I have tried switching wires on watertank motor and it just sends the water to rear when trying for front screen. Have put a new identical motor on, but same results.
Fixya was no help by the way!
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