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Originally Posted by MartinObviously View Post
Yes that's correct to disarm it without the fob.

However, the alarm should only re-activate when you lock the drivers door from the outside.

If the alarm sounds as soon as you turn off the ignition, it's faulty. A faulty door/tailgate switch could trigger it too.

The box which controls the alarm is behind the fuse box. there are 2 large boxes, one controls central locking and the other is the alarm. They have large plugs, unpug the alarm box.
Hi MartinObviously,

The issue with mine at least is, even if you start the engine the central console red alarm light did not turn off. The siren would shut up with the engine running, so the car knew I had the valid key.
This meant the alarm was armed and that is why it would go off if you turned off the engine - because you triggered the ultrasonic sensors inside while the alarm was armed.

Once I held the alarm console button and switched on the ignition, the central console red light turned off, indicating the alarm was disarmed. After this, I had no issues with the alarm going off.

Since them, I have bought a Lexia tool to program the remote, and been using the alarm by locking/unlocking using the remote without any issues.
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