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Default User: Boarer2004

Purchased a lower strut brace from this guy a while ago, it had noticeable damage to it where it had been scraped but he reassured me it'd still fit.
When it came to fitting it, my mate was fitting it and he said there was no way that it would fit on the back of the wishbone bolts as it was completely out yet it lined up perfectly with the other end of the bolts, so he took the bolts out completely and mounted it there to test.
It slightly vibrated on the exhaust (vibrated the car) but hardly at all, so I drove it back and it drove fine and posted a thread up on here asking if it would be alright to leave it like that, and was advised not to so I took it back off.
It was clearly bent when it arrived and because it was so scratched I had it sprayed up in blue.

I've contacted Boarer2004 and he didn't respond until I have opened a Paypal case regarding the issue, and he has declined even a partial refund.

Just giving you all a heads up to be careful of the member and buying things like this on the forums.
Will teach me a lesson to just save a bit more and buy a brand new one next time!
Hopefully it will get resolved!
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