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Originally Posted by Brenz View Post
Also forgot to consider than on Windows you can overclock the CPU to increase the clock speed which you can't do on a Mac so actually if you run two identical systems, one Mac OSX and the other Windows the Windows machine will have more processing power and would also be cheaper.
and you forgot to do a little bit of research before typing this nonsense.

Can't say i've heard of a Nehalem processor in 6 dual core form, thought it was a quad core processor. Do you mean the westmere.
Native six-core Gulftown and ten-core Westmere-EX processors.

Originally Posted by adsayer View Post
I've got an X-fi... it can do 24 bit 192 kHz
you. Door, now

Originally Posted by baker556 View Post
Lol worthy @ the Reason 5 comment, i downloaded it for a mate and put it on his 7 year old Advent laptop and it managed to run it.
I doubt you read what I said before at all. I believe you're skimming through, and cutting corners for the sake of having an argument. If you're saying a 7 year old laptop can actually run Reason 5, then I'm saying you're full of shit. It will probably start, but beyond that you will get the "unsufficient CPU" window. Get out, you and your petty comments.

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