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Default the new set.

so this tyres runed over a year now.
MICHELIN S9B 19/57-15

S9 its the harder counpoud and this the exelence tyres for motorspot.

you will se it on LOTUS ELISE CUP, OLD AND NEW CLIO CUP, etc.

the righr front tyre has riped ,the left front tyre has a few laps before rip.

BUT..the rear ones are still very good!!

i ve made up to 8 trackday and timeattack this year!!a
they are so good that at the local timeattack org i run in the pro-class!!!
my other competitor are PROTos and bikes engined cars.
i ve bean moved to a uper class based on tyres and lap difrence!

so ive buyed a new set and maybe the last ones.ill try to buy used ones!

they are S9C..C ist the latest evolution! and they cost a fortune!

1388 EUROS= 1105 ukú

they are the best track tyres in the planet. it will improve your lap time by a big difrence!
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