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Non Saxo Photos / Videos / Progress Reports Please share photos/videos of your non saxo in this forum.

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Well well well I knew you would get another hahaha you all good mate ?
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Originally Posted by BUMMERS View Post
Just read this thread from start to finish. I dread to think how much cash you've thrown at that motor, lol.

Looking well though and I bet it shifts some!

However, the most pressing question I have is...

Why does your house have two front doors?!
Cheers, It's cost some more since and definitely shifts lol.

Originally Posted by gti180craig View Post
Well well well I knew you would get another hahaha you all good mate ?
Haha I don't really come on here often so just seen this. It's the same one as you know now lol!

Here's my update!

I went to Dreamscience for hybrid Turbo in may after a string of boost issues.. obviously sorted it with more power right. Duh.

Also switched my Pumaspeed inlet to an Anembo Item and got a steering wheel lock.

Nice early morning drive got to DS at half 7 ish lol..

Outside DS

I went a little sad with this one, I got this apple car play pioneer unit from my lovely girlfriend for Christmas so the obligatory Dreamscience wallpaper was made for the turbo x package.

Pic of the hybrid, had to sell on my turbo smart items as Dreamscience use forge actuator and recirc.

back home


Last one looking pretty while off walking in the woods lol.

Apologies for picture quality i'll get some pictures with my SLR soonish.

I removed the Anembo, elevate and the CAIS stickers. Looks cleaner I prefer it. Also added some gold m4 Allen screws to my orange washer dress up kit.

In terms of power Turbo X makes 350 real* bhp on 440cc injectors and I have Turbo X+ running 550cc injectors so should be 360-370 bhp with over 400lbft. Pulls a lot better now lol.

Spec now;

Approx 360-370 ponies.

Dreamscience Turbo X+
DS-AET-K06 Hybrid Turbo
Focus RS spark plugs
Anembo inlet manifold
Bosch 550cc injectors
Elevate 3" top induction pipe to turbo
AS Block mod + belts
AS gen 3 CAIS
AS pro series ECU relocation case
AS cold side pipe (No symposer take off)
Airtec stage 2 Cooler with RS style scoops
Forge re circulating dump valve with yellow spring
Forge T2 actuator with blue spring
Full 3" Cobrasport non res exhaust:
-3" Cobrasport downpipe
-3" Cobrasport decat
-3" Cobrasport Venom catback

I would like to think that's as far as I will take it in terms of power now. Next would be RS turbo and 400+ but you need all the sensors cost of turbo and would need to forge the engine at 400.

It's quicker than a 400 bhp RS up to the speed limit. I'd imagine it's down to weight and how the little hybrid turbo spools up in comparison.

So that's that! a year or more of updates condensed lol.
Old VTS progress thread
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