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Default Temperature woes…

Hello all, I hope you’re well???

I have taken custody of a 2002 VTR with 80k in the clock and recently it has started to play about a bit…

It all started when it started to steam a bit in traffic!

I could see the coolant was a little low (but not empty!) so I topped it up.

Now it just won’t keep its cool and today the little red light came on…

It seems to be using an awful lot of coolant and the fan is on quite often!!

Can you good people offer any advice? The heater still blows hot by the way…

Thanks to each and every one of you in advance…
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It could be either:

Faulty Thermostat
Faulty radiator cap
Head Gasket.

it shouldn't boil, even if it's straight water. although 50:50 coolant is what you should be using.

First, change the thermostat and try bleeding it:

With the engine OFF and cold. Get a coke bottle, cut the bottom off it and stick it upside down in the radiator filler.

Fill the radiator with coolant, then fill the coke bottle with water. always keep the coke bottle filled.

The open the radiator bleed screw on the opposite side, let the water run until there's no bubbles and the flow is smooth, then close the bleed screw.

There's a 5mm allen key bolt on the thermostat housing. be VERY gentle with it. Again same story, until the flow is smooth with no bubbles, then replace the bolt.

Then finally, do the same for the bleed screw on the heater matrix pipe near the strut tower. Don't lose the cap, it's NOT the same as a tyre valve cap

remove the coke bottle and replace the radiator cap.

This is the cheapest thing to try first.

Your heaters not going cold is a good sign, it might not be the head gasket. However, if it's using coolant, it has to be going somewhere... doesn't always show up with a compression test either.

If there's steam coming from the radiator cap and the coolant hoses are rock hard, then unfortunately it probably is the head gasket.
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