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Saxo Engine/Performance If you're interested in tuning Saxo engines, or if you need to know something which is engine related... this is the place for you.

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Old 10th March 2019, 16:43   #1
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Default Revs high on idle

Hi folks, got a slight issue, Iíve fitted a straight through exhaust on my vtr with a 3Ēback box, ever since then when the engines cold it idles at just over 1000rpm, but when I set off driving really slowly around 5-10mph it gets carried away with its self an starts reving just over 2000rpm buy itís self, once the engine is warm itís fine ticks over under 1000rpm, any help would be much appreciated cheers
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Vacuum leak somewhere mate.
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Cheers mate, a vacuum leak, in that case would the leak be somewhere on the inlet manifold, is there any common places they leak from?
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Old 12th March 2019, 22:43   #4
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Mine does this from time to time too. It will go to 2k and idle spot on there, if I let the clutch out a bit it can be brought down and then it will stay at normal idle. blip the throttle again and up it goes to 2k. Only happens whilst the engine is heating up.

I thought vac leak at the inlet manifold, but I have since checked that thoroughly and there's none. Who knows. Doesn't really bother me.
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