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Seems dead on here, but I shall continue...

Previous problems resolved:
- Fixed the power steering being on - it was a bad earth.
- Codes : Mainly the cabon canister valve, which I have lost! but got one off FB marketplace to stop the EML coming on.
- Idle AFR just sorted itself.
- The Fan was wired wrong (whoops), so that works
- Turbo blanket fitted properly now

All re-assembled and running.

New problems:
- Smoke and misfire on startup.
This was present before, I thought it was the stem seals and had them replaced. However, it hasn't cured it. So presume it is the guides. (surely the machine shop would check this...). Anyway, I borescoped it and can see oil in the piston pocket on 2 cylinders when the engine has cooled.
It runs fine and no smoke on boost etc, just appears when the car has cooled or been off, for a period.
I'm still using cheap mineral oil, whilst running it in, so will see what a 'proper' oil does. Albeit, I'm not expecting anything to change. Its likely the head will need to come off in the future

- Oil pressure warning!
When the car was idling, the oil pressure light was flashing! Just faintly.
Got the pressure testing kit out.

Good cold idle pressure.

Low hot idle pressure. Which is the norm, apparently. The stock Oil pressure sensor is something like 5psi before it triggers the light on the dash. As I'd had to change to a 1/8npt sensor (After market) I'd just gone for anything - which turns out was a fixed 20psi sensor. Whoops. Bought another with a lower value.

The other day, I fitted the Electronic boost controller (Gizzmo) and an oil temperature sensor. The oil temp sensor is to just keep an eye on the values, given I haven't fitted the thermostatic oil cooler as yet. The turbo is oil cooled only, so interested to see the numbers.

Car is clean (ish) and just awaiting an MOT, before more running-in. Running 8 psi, at the moment, until I feel more confident of going back to 20+psi

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