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Understanding & Locating Saxo Paint Codes
by BobC 19th July 2009

Where can I find the Saxo paint code / Saxo colour code label?
Saxo Mk1 (up to June 1999) colour code: in the engine bay on the passenger side suspension strut top mount, you will find a stamped code. See Haynes Saxo Manual 3506 section REF-3 for an example picture. It will be five characters long.

Saxo Mk2 colour codes can be found on drivers side door hinge pillar. You will find a self-adhesive identification label with the colour code on it. See below for an example.
What does it mean?
Saxo Mk1 (up to June 1999) colour code
Haynes example = EJXBR; which means:
The first three characters are the paint code; EJX = Venetian Red
The fourth character is a symbol for the site of manufacture.
The fifth character signifies lacquer or non-lacquer:
S = non-lacquer paint.
R = base coat and clear.

Saxo Mk2

a) Tyre pressures.
b) Tyre specification.
c) Tyre type.
d ) Recommended tyre pressure of the spare wheel.
e) After Sales - Replacement Parts number; the ĎRPOí number.
f ) Paint code reference.
g ) Factory serial number.
Saxo Colour Codes / Paint Codes
The paint code consists of 4 letters (e.g. Polar White, code EWPA - -).
The fourth character is the finish quality symbol:
A = non-lacquered flat paint
B = Superlustre solid colour
C = Superlustre metallic paint
D = Superlustre pearl paint
Code  	Colour  	Finish  Start  	End   	Primer colour  
EBT  	Zest yellow  	B  	1998  	1999  	A4 : dark grey EYM  
EDQ  	Zephyr  	C  	1996  	1997  	A2 : light grey  
EHT  	Phoenix  	C  	1997  	1999  	A2 : light grey  
EHZ C  	1997  	1998  	A5 : red KKZ  
EJX  	Venetian red  	B  	1996  	2001  	A5 : red KKZ  
EKQ  	Wicked Red  	D  	1999  	2003  	A5 : red KKZ  
ETW  	Tungsten  	C  	1996  	1999  	A4 : dark grey EYM  
EWP  	Polar white  	A  	1996  	2003  	A1 : white  
EXY  	Black  	        B  	1999  	2003  	A4 : dark grey EYM  
EYC  	Quartz  	C  	1996  	2001  	A2 : light grey EZM  
EYL  	Icelandic Grey  C  	2001  	2003  	A2 : light grey EZM  
EYT  	Orageux grey  	C  	2000  	2003  	A3 : medium grey EYK  
EZR  	Arctic Steel  	C  	2001  	2003  	A2 : light grey EZM  
KAU  	Topaz  	        C  	1998  	2003  	A6 : yellow KAB  
KHN  	Mango  	        B  	1998  	2002  	A2 : light grey  
KJA  	Dante red  	D  	1996  	1999  	A5 : red KKZ  
KJF  	Passion Red  	B  	2001  	2003  	A5 : red KKZ  
KKJ  	Persian red  	C  	1998  	2000  	A5 : red KKZ  
KKS  	Magenta  	D  	1996  	1997  	A5 : red KKZ  
KMH  	Poseidon blue  	C  	1996  	2003  	A3 : medium grey EYK  
KMV  	Fijian blue  	C  	1996  	1998  	A3 : medium grey E  
KNA  	Misty lilac  	C  	2001  	2003  	A2 : light grey EZM  
KNC  	Admiral blue  	B  	1996  	2003  	A4 : dark grey EYM  
KPK  	Mauritius blue  D  	1997  	2003  	A4 : dark grey EYM  
KQA  	Amazon green  	C  	1996  	1999  	A3 : medium grey EYK  
KQH  	Aqua Green  	C  	2001  	2002  	A4 : dark grey EYM  
KRC  	Calypso green  	C  	1997  	1998  	A3 : medium grey EYK  
KRU  	Woodland Green  C  	1999  	2001  	A3 : medium grey EYK  
KRX  	Bora Bora green C  	1998  	2001  	A2 : light grey  
KRZ  	Rainforest  	D  	2001  	2003  	A3 : medium grey EYK
So an identification label with a code of KMHC = Poseidon blue metallic paint...

Citroen doc ref: C6CX1QP0

For a list of other Citroen paint colours / paint codes see:

For a picture of an actual Mk2 paint code and label see:

Cheers Bob
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