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Default keyless entry mondule

I have a CitroŽn Saxo 1.6 8v vts phase 1 from 99 *left hand drive*

i need to take out this module but how can i take it out?
It is a pretty big module pretty far away in a tight spot. How can i take out the module? it is located close to the steering rod and behind the OBD2 port.

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I am probably not able to take out the unit because it is to far away to reach and in a tight spot. What i found oud is that wire 7 and 8 are for lock and unlock. Anyone has any idea where i can find these 2 wires in the car where i am able to acces them easily?
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Long time ago since this thread was posted but I just worked on this, thought you might want to know.
Yes, the unit is difficult to take out but it can be done.
What you do is: take out the left side heater air vent (I think you're probably Dutch like me so, driver's side). Take the heater pipe loose from the heater matrix and bend it out of the way. Now take a long Torkx screwdriver, I think T25, and unscrew the one screw that holds in the Kiekert (that's this grey relay unit). Now take a 10mm socket on an extensionpiece and unscrew the nut above the T25, and unscrew the 10mm nut and 12mm plastic nut on the floor. This enables you to move the fuseboxholder aside and struggle (a lot) and take the Kiekert out.

Pin 6 and pin 9 have to be grounded, this will unlock and lock the doors. I connected a 433Mhz 2 channel receiver with relays to the wires.
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