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Default Using Bullet points?

On other VBulletin forums I use bullet points a lot to try and break things up and make it neat and easier to read (one big block of text is a big turnoff for most people).

So it frustrates the hell out of me when I come back here and try to use them, and basically just get an indentation. I mean if I wanted an indentation I would use the indentation button, I want a bloody bullet point!

Could you look into it please?


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  • does
  • this
  • not
  • work
  • then?

Oh yer, thats strange.
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Definately something worth looking into
Originally Posted by ns9900 View Post
how big is it, edge to edge?
Originally Posted by 12u55 View Post
14 inches or so.
Originally Posted by ns9900 View Post
sorry bud, too big for me. GLWS tho
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I tend to do this instead:

- jhjkhjkfhjf

- hjsdhjkfkhh

-jsdhfjkshkhjhjkh (except when I normally use this method I tend to write real words instead of these words that you see here to the left of this sentence)

It works just dandy and I've never recieved a complaint yet! Have a swell day Mr.
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  • Is
  • This
  • Resolved?

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