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Default Saxo Exterior Door Trim - Fitment

hi all

Apologies if this has been answered before, but I've had a look through the search and couldn't find anything that matched my issue. If a thread does exist that you know of please link it

I'm refitting all the exterior trim on my saxo as some of the metal clips are beginning the break and it looks shite. From searching the forums I know that:

1. Plastic clips fit to the metal brackets attached to the trim, if the metal clips have come off from the trim, use gorilla glue to fit the metal brackets back on the trim.
2. The plastic clips then go directly into the body.

My problem is I've tried to fit mine back on using the above, and I just can't get it to fit right, it's either off centre or I can't fit every plastic clip in. Forgive me if im being thick but I've never refitted trim before so bear with lol:
1. I see that the metal clips can be put back on facing up or down (like they're smiling or frowning), does this matter and if so is there a reference where I can see this?
2. Is there a preferred order to putting the clips on? Do you
a. put plastic clips in the body, and then hook the metal brackets on?
b. is it plastic in the metal bracket, and then push it into the body?
I assume it's b but trying to make sure all bases are covered lol

Any other general tips that i haven't covered are appreciated. like i say, i saw the forums chat about putting the clips on but I didn't see a post with the detail

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