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Default Whining noise when car is moving

Hi Chaps, wonder if I can pick your brains. I have an old (2001) but low mileage (62k) Saxo 1.1i that's very recently developed like a throbbing /whine sound. It almost sounds like wind noise when the car is moving. At first I thought something was stuck in a wheel. The pitch/tone goes up and down related to speed. It seems loudest between 40-50mph, at lower speeds can't hear it.

I've tried revving the engine parked up in neutral, no noise. Only happens when I'm moving.

I haven't yet tried depressing clutch and putting in neutral when driving along, I've read that might determine if it was a layshift bearing in gearbox.

I've watched a load of "wheel bearing noise" vids on youtube but haven't heard one that sounds like mine.

The car drives absolutely tip-top, doesn't vibrate, brakes seem ok. Its had 2 new tyres and a service 6 months ago.

What do you think it could be? Do you think it's safe to drive?

Thanks for your time!
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The clutch release bearing would be very noticeable when you're stationary and moving the clutch in and out.

It's got to be a wheel bearing.

Saying that I've owned a few cars now which make almost the same noise as a fucked wheel bearing that turned out to be just tyre noise.
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As above, wheel bearing has gone bud ��
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Find a straight bit of road, drive at 50mph or so where you can hear the noise.

Weave gently from left to right. if the tone changes it's a wheel bearing.

If you turn left and it goes quiet, the drivers side needs replaced.
If your turn right and it goes quiet, the passenger side needs replaced.

Any competent mechanic will be able to diagnose the car by jacking up the front end and rotating the wheel to confirm which side needs replaced.

No, technically, it's not safe. the bearing could potentially collapse so get it done soon.
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