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Saxo Engine/Performance If you're interested in tuning Saxo engines, or if you need to know something which is engine related... this is the place for you.

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Car(s): 2008 Citroen C2 1.6 VTS
Default Advice needed Catcams 1321708 on C2 VTS, Please help

Hey Guys,
I had struggled with my car past year and made some modifications, those are:
Original complete TU5JP4S engine (bottom, pistons and head)
- Ashley 4-2-1 header + custom 2,25 inch complete exhaust
- Ported TU5JP4S, just to remind :-)
- ACL crank bearings
- Ported orginal intake
- Ported and polished MK1 steel throttlebody
- and .... TU5J413217708 cams
As all of you is aware that those cams do not cope with TU5JP4S head (valve to piston clearance) i want to stay with them fitted
So... my question to all of you is:
As i do not want to make any cutouts on pistons, what do you think if it would be wise to exchange headgasket (stock 0.6mm) to thicker one, i had search last two weeks for thicker counterpart, and i found Cometic MLS C4493-075 (79mm bore and 1.90mm thick one). Should it be enough to give more clearance between valve and piston at TDC? I know that it will affect compression ratio, could it be that it will fall drastically?
There are also other items availiable from them (ex 1.67,2.03, 2.18 mm)
Please advise how to deal with that issue budget wise as i had already spend much time and effort on that.
Last thing is that car is waiting in queue to be dyno'ed on standalone ECU, as soon as i will solve the case.
Please help me with that as you have much more experience

Best Regards
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