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Newbies Forum... This is a place for new members to pop in and say Hi... Don't be shy.

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Default Newie from the sticks

Hi all, New to the forum, i've been browsing a few threads for tips and advice,

i've just bought my first Saxo, 02 plate 1.1 Desire, 1 previous owner, 35000 on the clock, bodywork is as new, really spotless all over, garaged all its life, only downside is the gear selector, it just seems a little fragile to me, i feel like if i changed gear a little too vigorously i would snap something, Admittedly i am used to driving fords which have a more 'secure' feeling gearbox compared to my saxo,

is this normal and a 'french car' thing or am i being a cloth fisted oaf? i am currently changing gear very 'delicately' and being careful to not snap anything, i just wondered if it was normal


Great site too ... Very useful
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