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Saxo Brakes / Suspension / Transmission / Tyres If you have queries or information to share regarding Saxo braking, suspension, tyres or transmission systems, please discuss this within this forum.

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Default 1.6 Autobox on 1.4 Engine

Hello, I have a question regarding the automatic box ECU.

I have a 2001 Desire Auto 1.4, and a 1997 1.6 auto box with the ECU, I've checked on this website that the 1997 Auto engines are 1.6 90bhp with a lot more ftlb, nm and rpm torque, and I know thats the engine, but would swapping my current 1.4 autobox ECU (or the whole box) with the 1.6 ECU (or whole box again) make a difference in acceleration or do I have to get a 1.6 engine to match the 1.6 auto box?

I saw somewhere that the 1.6 and 1.4 auto box are the same, but does that mean the ECU on the 1.6 autobox have different settings to match the 1.6 engine? I'm aware both boxes are 3 speed, but does the 1.6 auto box give off a little more power compared to the 1.4 box?
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Happy new year I have just joined up and am wondering if anyone knows how much my vtr sunroof would go for? And where is the best place to sell it on? I got a spare one with the car and dunno how mych to sell it for.

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