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Old 8th November 2021, 13:26   #1
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Default Whirring Noise after clutch replacement

Strangest noise that started around 30-40 miles after I put a brand new clutch in the car;

-noise only appears at the top of clutch pedal travel (when pedal is released)
-on initial cold start its quiet
-noise quiets almost completely when car is in gear and under load or when engine braking
-noise was not there prior to clutch replacement

The car is running a jp4 engine and a MA 1.5D gearbox. The flywheel and clutch are not upgraded, standard 180mm item. Sachs brand.

Any ideas? Will check and replace gearbox oil, although I doubt its coming from the box.
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Old 10th November 2021, 13:10   #2
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Release bearing,mine makes noise as well, it's only slight for me so I'm just going to leave it as it is.
The release bearing as two shitty little plastic clips that hold it in place and easily breaks.
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Old 11th November 2021, 13:56   #3
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The standard JP4 clutch and flywheel are for 200mm clutches, not 180mm.

180mm is for 1.1/1.4 and 1.4D/1.5D.

180 and 200mm clutches have different release bearing types.

My best guess, is that you're using the wrong release bearing for your clutch type OR as pointed out on of the small plastic clips have broken and it's not quite centered.

Unless of course it's random input shaft noise that just happens to be making noise now.
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Old 13th November 2021, 18:53   #4
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I'm aware the 1.6 engine uses a 200mm clutch, however I'm running a 180мм flywheel so I need the 180mm kit. The previous 180mm clutch worked fine, made no noise but was slipping due to wear (used the old clutch from the 1.0 engine). The release bearing, friction disk and pressure plate came as a kit, so I doubt there is misalignment there.
The clutch feels and works fine, doesn't slip under power.
Today I found if I release the clutch pedal sharply the noise quiets significantly. Looks like I'll have to poke around the inspection holes and see if the darn thing has become misaligned.
Really don't want to take the box off again...
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Old 21st November 2021, 08:15   #5
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Has anyone had a primary shaft bearing let go and what does it sound like? The noise I am getting doesn't change in pitch with the rpm..
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