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Basic Engine Building by
by BobC 6th June 2010

This is quite simply the best educational DVD on engine building that I have ever seen. Do not be fooled by the title "Basic Engine Building", "basic" here means essentially replacing parts with new or refurbished ones rather than the "Advanced Engine Building" series which focuses on choosing and uprating parts for performance.

The video is aimed at those considering an engine rebuild for the first-time. This video will give you the confidence to have a go...

Made in the land of the automobile, the folks at , have assembled 3.5 hours of engine building instruction covering:
  • 1) Preparation
  • 2) Removal
  • 3) Disassembly
  • 4) Machining
  • 5) Preassembly
  • 6) Final Assembly
  • 7) Installation
  • 8) Start up
    See above DVD jacket for the exact contents of each chapter, but there is a brief summary below.

Samples of the Basic Engine Building DVD can be seen at: and samples of other videos can be seen at:

Although the main engine rebuild is a V8, there are two other engines rebuilt including a problematic 4 cylinder boat engine which was flooded with sea water. These are principles based instructions so you can quickly see the relevance to any kind of engine.

It's not all plain sailing either, the boat engine that was flooded with sea water brings its own challenges. Broken tools and a rounded hex allen head bolt are encountered during the process.

Most of the DVD is video instruction with narration highlighting each step. Additionally, graphics are used to emphasise points around the engine.
  1. 1) Preparation - Planning, tools & safety
  2. 2) Removal -getting ready to remove the engine from the car; disconnecting and labelling parts and hoses
  3. 3) Disassembly -complete disassembly of an engine block and heads to their individual components step-by-step
  4. 4) Machining -watch an engineering workshop bore & hone the block, level the block (decking), machine the heads, valves, valve seats, pistons, connecting rods and cut and polish the crakshaft. Includes examples of damaged parts
  5. 5) Pre-assembly -making sure that new pistons fit correctly and that they do not strike the valves; painting the block and heads
  6. 6) Final assembly -rebuilding every part of the engine
  7. 7) Re-installation -putting the engine back in the car
  8. 8) Start-up -last few checks before starting the engine; running-in new parts

As the video progresses there are interactive links that explain the tools and techniques mentioned in the video.

Ok, some of the terminology is US specific but it is obvious what they mean.

The video costs $29.95 (£20.71 at current exchange rate) and is a region-less production. However, please make sure that you can play the US TV format 'NTSC' on your DVD/tv combo or your pc.

Very highly recommended.

Here is how they describe the video on their website:

This video will show any mechanic of any skill level the complete and proper processes to complete an engine rebuild for almost any type of engine. The building techniques shown are just as useful for V8 engines as they will be for straight 6, V6 or even 4 cylinder engines. Many different brands of engines are taken apart in this video and then every step of their refurbishing and re-assembly procedures are shown detail.

All 4 cycle [4 stroke] engines are the same no matter the piston number of configuration. All makes and models have the same engine parts and processes for building and tuning. Everything needed for any engine type rebuild is covered in a clean white environment with multiple narrators to keep you focused on learning.

The video covers the entire engine build from removal from the chassis all the way back in and start up for the camshaft break in. The Disassembly section explains how to properly check for engine component failures and diagnose engine problems to be fixed during the rebuild.

It takes a behind the scenes trip to the engine machine shop to show just what is done for an engine rebuild and why. You'll see and learn how the machining process is done and by what machine tools. All of the engine components and block are hot tanked and/or carbon blasted for cleaning before any work is done. Learn how the machine shop checks the block and cylinder heads for cracks on cast iron and aluminum engines.

Learn about cylinder boring and honing machines and the process of using grinding stones and brushes to achieve the correct cylinder bore sizes using a cylinder bore gauge. Watch the machinist setting pistons and pins with their connecting rods for semi floating and fixed pins. Blocks are machined with a deck leveler to achieve a smooth finish for new or refurbished cylinder heads for their gaskets to seat. Valve guides are replaced and valve seats, tips, and the valves themselves are ground with a 3 angle grinder for refurbishing.

During pre-assembly and final assembly it will teach you all of the proper methods for sealing, torquing and assembly of your refurbished or new parts.

During the entire rebuilding process you'll learn all about the specific tools used for the job. Screwdrivers, sockets, torque wrenches, gear pullers, harmonic balancer pullers, valve spring compressors, oil pump primer rods, piston ring pliers, and more used and easy to learn more about in a separate tools menu.

Engine building terms such as Firing Order, Initial Timing, Piston to Valve Clearance, Top Dead Center, Valve Lash and Ignition are all covered in depth and have their own Glossary terms section.

Three common engines, a Ford 351W, Small Block Chevy 350 and a small block Dodge 318 are used and rebuilt. However it doesn't matter what engine type you're working on. 4 cylinder, straight 6, V6, V8 and larger all share the same process. This video is meant for any 4 cycle engine build up.

During many portions, dozens of 3D animations and computer graphics are used to gain a more in depth knowledge of how an internal combustion engine works. See thru animations of exploded views of a motor are used to help further gain your knowledge of the workings of a motor.

During the video you'll learn all kinds of tips and tricks for making your engine build easier and safer.


The series continues with the "Advanced Engine Building" range of 11 DVDs whose focus are on building engines for performance:
  • Rotating Assemblies (crank & pistons) ***
    Heads, Porting & Valve Trains
    Performance Carburetors - (Covers Holley, Weber, Demon, Edelbrock and Quick Fuel Technology Carbs)
    Superchargers (Individually Soon)
    Nitrous Oxide (Individually Soon)

    *** For instance the "Rotating Assemblies" 2 DVDs includes:
    This 3 1/2 hour DVD set will help you decide what components to choose for your engines rotating assembly.

    Knowing the proper internal parts to choose for your particular engine build are critical in getting the performance and power you're looking for.

    Youíll learn about many types of cranks, rods, pistons, rings, bearings, harmonic balancers, flywheels, balancing, and everything else that involves the internal rotating assembly. Arron explains the features, advantages and disadvantages of each part, and why you would, or wouldnít want to use a particular part for your engine, from stock, to street performance, to all-out racing engines.

    All the essential questions for planning your engine build are answered.

    Some of the Questions Covered:

    Cast, Forge or Billet Crank?

    The best Alloys

    Stroke increase or decrease?

    I-Beam or H-Beam Rods?

    Steel or Aluminum Rods?

    Domed,Dished or Flat Top Piston?

    Engine Bearing Types

    Piston Ring Types

    Steel or Aluminum Flywheel?

    Defines "Balanced & Blueprinted"

Other DVDs include transmission, carburettors and welding instructional videos.
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Last edited by BobC; 6th June 2010 at 20:50.
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that looks pretty kool mate i could do with learning more about re-building engines save me a small fortune
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i have this dvd, aint even watched it yet, looks good though
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Oh, I'm going to get this!
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