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Old 25th January 2020, 16:41   #1
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Default Rear beam swap - drums to discs; ABS issue.

Hi guys,
I've just ordered a fully refurbed beam with the full disc brake system installed, non abs thought. The refurbing company happened to have all the bits necessary to put together a beam with brakes on laying around so they did it for me.

My car was originally an 1.4 euro spec VTS with abs - it since had its engine swapped to the VTR one but the drum brake rear beam remained.

My current beam failed - that's why i decided to get a new one. Opted to go for discs. I know it won't make a big difference braking force wise but i just desperately want to have discs at the rear too

I know about needing to get a different handbrake cable. Is there anything else I should know before i start the process?

Now, I would prefer to have ABS working after replacing the beam.
ABS hubs are easily and rather cheaply available where Im from along with the sensors (and there is supposedly place to install the latter on my new beam or so I've been told by the refurb company).
Is it just a straight swap the hubs and plug in the sensors job or am I looking at some complications?

I would greatly appreciate your insights guys. I know that your 1.4s or even the VTRs didn't come with ABS but I couldn't get a straight answer searching the Polish forums either so there's my next shot.
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Old 26th January 2020, 19:46   #2
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Im pretty certain that drum and disc abs sensors are different so youll prob need new ones. And yeah, the arms will have a place for the sensors to go

You may also need to make new brake lines.
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Old 13th February 2020, 20:18   #3
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I have reused the drum handbrake cables for the dicsc conversion, you'll need a trailing arm from a vts axle as the pins are different lengths other than the brackets you need for the discs,I wouldn't know about the abs cables as I didn't use them on mine sorry
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