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Newbies Forum... This is a place for new members to pop in and say Hi... Don't be shy.

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Old 4th November 2018, 16:29   #1
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Default New member alert...!

Hi there everyone

Just stopping by and saying hello....

I've just bought a 2001 Saxo VTR in yellow, completely standard car and no mods whatsoever! That's the way it'll be staying too, no plans for any mods other than just using and enjoying it.

No doubt there might be a hiccup or two along the way as I know what old French cars are like

All I need to do know is work out how to post a photo...!
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Old 4th November 2018, 16:39   #2
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Welcome to the forum

They're pretty reliable, just keep on top of washing under the arches to stop rust.
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Old 5th November 2018, 20:08   #3
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Let's see how long you can keep it standard! These cars are crying out for modding...

Oh, and welcome.
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Old 8th November 2018, 19:02   #4
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Even standard you can have some fun tormenting big, heavy stuff that costs a lot more!
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Old 15th November 2018, 07:24   #5
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Welcome to the forum! Cheers!
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Old 19th October 2019, 00:04   #6
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By the way, just in case anyoneís interested, my sister Joan is selling a few Niche Wheels. If anyoneís interested, feel free to PM me.
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Old 7th November 2019, 23:17   #7
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They're reliable i did enough miles in mine to vouch.. just watch for rust when it bites.. it bites good and rear beams. They're terrible.
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lol because you are a brand fag
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