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Suggestions / Improvements / Feedback Tell us your ideas of how we can make Saxperience a better place. Also, if we are doing something right... let us know, so that we can do more of it!

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Default for sale threads

maybe a good way of keeping spam out of for sale threads.


1. The For Sale section is provided for the benefit of individual members to buy and sell items, not for businesses to make money. Businesses are not allowed to use the For Sale section unless they have Trader status. PM admin/mods for details.

2. Bumping should be kept to a maximum of twice a week.

3. No pictures = No for sale thread

4. Both parties leave itrader feedback after the sale is completed, this way potential buyers can view someones previous sales and see how they progressed and ended.

5. Paypal, you cannot ask potential buyers to send you funds via paypal as a gift. If you do not want to pay paypal fees state in the thread that fees are to be added onto the price or work out your fees and add them to your price.

6. For sale template, if this is not followed its deleted without warning!

Item for sale:


1. Offers and any comments that may affect a sale should be made privately via pm, if you think it may crap on someones sale or not benefit other members - say it via pm to the seller.

2. If you paid less, keep it private unless a seller asks for opinion on price.

just an idea to make buying and selling a wee bit easier

my progress thread
mod and small retrims pm for price
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